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Who Are We?

Amitabha is a multi-game guild founded in Age of Wushu, an ancient Chinese/Wuxia-themed MMORPG. Since our founding in Age of Wushu, we have grown to play games such as Age of Wulin (EU Version of Age of Wushu), Wurm Online, League of Legends, and APB: Reloaded. We have future plans to play games such as The Elder Scrolls Online, FFXIV: RRB, and ArcheAge. We have a very open and ever-changing structure, which means we can easily open new chapters in new games, whenever at least one member has an interest in opening a chapter in that game. Since our creation almost half a year ago, we have had over one-hundred and fifty people join us, produced several youtube videos that have received over 16,000 views, received over 4,400 unique visits to our website (Avg 80 unique users a day), and have accomplished many incredible in-game feats. We are a one of a kind guild that play hardcore, yet foster a laid back environment for our members.

What Type of Guild is Amitabha?
Amitabha is an odd mix of both hardcore and casual players. We have both players who will spend countless hours into a game, investing a lot of effort into a game. At the same time, we have players who can only play for an hour or two a day, sometimes less. Over the years, we've transformed from a zerg guild with over two-hundred active players, into a close-knit guild that has been forged into something that more resembles an online family. We enjoy working together, supporting each other, and doing things together. We love both the PVE and PVP aspects of games, and we most often migrate to games that offer a healthy amount of both. These are sandbox games such as Age of Wushu, ArcheAge, or (most recently) Black Desert. TL;DR: Amitabha is a semi-casual, laid-back PvX guild with a very tight-knit and dedicated environment.

Why Was Amitabha Created?
The reason for our use of the name Amitabha is two-fold. One, I simply inherited the name. Amitabha was initially created at the start of the server by someone else. The guild was left to a friend of mine and I joined up with the intention of helping him build up the guild. The next day, he decided to disband the guild (we were the only two left). With no guild, I decided I would create a guild that offered exactly what I wanted.

While I was gathering people to help me make my guild, I decided I would use the name Amitabha. I liked the sound of it, and I was already familiar with it, plus there was the added bonus of free advertisement from every Shaolin NPC in the game, who would often say "Amitabha!" whenever you spoke to them. Overall it seemed like a great choice for a name, especially when you consider that Amitabha was initially made to be a Shaolin-only guild.

What Does Amitabha Mean?
The in-depth answer is that Amitabha was a celestial buddha, mentioned in the Mahayana school of Buddhism. Since then, it has been used in several Buddhist mantras, been translated into various languages and has become a sort of religious greetings (similar to the Christian "Bless you"). It can be translated into "Infinite Light," which is why Amitabha is called the Buddha of Infinite Light. If you would like to read more, feel free to click this link.

A Quick Tour of our History
In April of 2013, I(Apocafail) had trouble finding a suitable guild while playing Age of Wushu. I had originally planned on joining a guild that had been called Amitabha, but it was disbanded before I could join. This was about 4 days into the servers creation. At this point, all the major guilds had been created already and all that was left were a handful of small guilds that would more than likely get no where due to either lack of motivation, or lack of strong and organized leadership. So I decided to go ahead and create my own guild that would allow me to experience all areas of the game to their fullest extent.

When I created the guild, I decided to use the name Amitabha due to how neat of a name it is. Luckily for me, I was able to snag some highly motivated and capable members right off the bat (XelingKazan, Dhatu) who were able to build the guild into one of the largest on the server. Due to our late start, we originally had very bad luck in finding allies who were on par to us. While we could bring a full raid party to a guild war, our allies at the time(WuTang, Mithril) would be lucky to scrounge up six people for a war. This meant that we just couldn't stand up to guilds who already had full alliances, no matter how strong we were as a single guild.

So, for over a month, we strung along as a guild who had no base. While we had some very strong PVPers, ran instances daily, had people in school positions, and generally did everything a big guild could want to do, the fact that we had no base stunted our growth and our numbers began to droop. Eventually, we were contacted be a guild called HuaXia, who was a highly hated and very strong guild on White Tiger. They offered us an alliance and I decided to take them up on it. While HuaXia was hated, we had no negative experiences with them and I saw no reason not to ally.

Unfortunately, this alliance (plus other, personal reasons) caused one of my Vice Leaders to want to split from the guild. He went on to create his own guild. And, with HuaXia's help, Amitabha went on to become a member of the strongest alliance on the server. We were quite literally able to destroy and outlast all our former enemies. While other people had become jealous of HuaXia and decided to strike out against them for knowing about the game and becoming wealthy, we sought their knowledge and became strong along with them. It is this mindset that allows Amitabha to become strong in whatever game we play. We are more than capable of doing what must be done so that we can accomplish great things, without compromising who we are as a guild.

After several months of dominating the server, Age of Wushu began to die (in terms of population) due to the incompetence of Snail USA. This caused a lot of our members to want to go to Age of Wulin, ran by gPotato/WebZen. We re-structured our leadership to allow ourselves to exist in multiple games at the same time, and since then we have continued to grow and evolve. 

In 2014, we decided to come back together in a more coherent form to play ArcheAge. This was a great experience for us, as the game offered many things that we enjoyed: Sandbox content, fun crafting, and PVP. We played as Amitabha for quite some time before we eventually met with another small and tight-knit guild that meshed well with our mindset. Together with this guild, we formed a newer, larger guild known as Safe Haven. We held onto ArcheAge as Safe Haven until the final months of 2015, but by 2016 all of our members had given up to the game. A combination of in-game politics and a series of screw-ups by Trion, in regards to the games cash shop and their handling of in-game issues, simply killed the game for us and we decided we had to move on.

In the late months of 2015, a new game came to our attention. Black Desert Online. After trying the Russian region version of the game, many of us decided that this would be the next game for us. However, we were unsure whether or not we should re-create Amitabha or simply join with a larger guild. When the launch of the game finally came around, we decided to go ahead and make Amitabha once again. We are now going strong in Black Desert, once again a tight-knit group made up of veterans from Amitabha, Safe Haven, and newer members who joined us from the Black Desert Online community.

Stay tuned for future updates.